The Art Of Friendship
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Want to know more about friendship and friend issues? Here are some links to further articles on the subject, gathered by Sally and Roger. Have your own link to share? Email the authors.

  Friend Issues

When summer friendships don't make it into the fall season. ~ Click here

What happens to lifelong relationships when one of you suddenly becomes rich? ~ Click here

Tips for helping out friends in specific situations (when a friend's in an abusive relationship, in financial stress, who's seriously ill, etc...) ~ Click here

Loneliness as an epidemic — isolated Americans trying to connect. ~ Click here

Crossing the line with friendship: coveting thy neighbor's ex ~ Click here

Destination: The Good Old Days [pdf] ~ Click here

  Celeb Friendships in the News

Paris and Nicole friends again ~ Click here

Celebrity "best friends" slideshow ~ Click here

Jessica Simpson's other break-up ~ Click here


Staying in touch: one more thing that women are better at than men. ~ Click here

Putting pen to paper, in an era of e-mail. ~ Click here

Friendship is good for your health ~ Click here

Old Friends shouldn't fade away [pdf] ~ Click here

  The Friendship Study - Reactions

LATIMES: The Significance of Others ~ Click here

New York Times: Confidant Crisis ~ Click here

Washington Post: Social Isolation in America ~ Click here

  Cool Community-Creating Experiences

A new crop of Scrapbookers. ~ Click here

Getting a kick out of kickball ~ Click here

SMASHED (Society for Mature Adults Seeking to Help Entertain and Donate) ~ Click here

Let your wardrobe be your party ice breaker - check out men's custom pants from Franklin & Gower