The Art Of Friendship
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Friday, 06/01 Sally on BE HAPPY, DAMMIT with Karen Salmansohn - Sirius Radio - Lime 114 Call-in questions on 866 LIME 114 8:45am
Friday, 05/18 Sally interviewed on GreenStone Media "Radio Ritas" 7:45am
Friday, 05/18 Sally interviewed on Sirius Radio "Frank DeCaro Show" 11:15am
Friday, 05/18 Sally interviewed on WOR 710 "Joan Hamburg Show" TBD
Thursday, 05/17 Sally interviewed on MSNBC "Your Business" 9:30/9:45am - noon
Thursday, 05/17 Sally interviewed on SIRIUS MARTHA STEWART CHANNEL "LIVING TODAY" 3:30 - 4pm
Monday, 04/30 Sally speaks at Spoken Interludes event, Los Angeles
(For tickets, email
Thursday, 04/22 Sally interviewed on "CBS Early Show" 8:00am
Monday, 11/06 Sally at Borders Bookstore | 1360 Westwood╩Blvd.╩Los Angeles, CA 90024 7:00pm
Monday, 10/30 Sally & Roger speak at Dallas Institute for Humanities
and Culture luncheon, Dallas, TX
(For tickets call: 214-559-4140)
Monday, 10/30 Sally & Roger at Borders Bookstore | 10720 Preston Road, Dallas 7:00pm
Saturday, 10/28 Sally & Roger at the Texas Book Festival | Austin, TX 2:00pm - 2:45pm
Tuesday, 10/24 Sally & Roger speak at Julia Sweeney's Talk Series luncheon
Hilton Park Series, Dallas, TX
Tuesday, 10/24 Sally live on Satellite Sisters/ABC Radio 10:30a PST/1:30pm EST
Monday, 10/16 Sally & Roger at Border's Bookstore | 461 Park Ave at 57th Street, NY 7:00pm
Monday, 10/16 Sally on "Your Morning on CN8" 8:30am EST
Saturday, 10/14 Sally & Roger on NBC/"Weekend Today" - Check local listings 8:15am